Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birdhouse Mini and March Break...

Hello everyone, March break is getting ready to end. It was a short one but anytime home with my son is too short. Although, I have been in British Columbia for three years we have not done much touring. As my husband is away, my little guy and I went to Bouchart Gardens, Butterfly Gardens and Mini World. I don't know why I waited so long, the gardens took my breath away. The Butterfly gardens for my son however was not much fun. He did not like the butterflies all around and went into panic mode so we had to leave. I did manage to get some great pics, not of him as he would not sit still to afraid the butterflies would land on him. We also took time to do some crafting, reading and spent time with the dogs. I was so happy for the break away from the office and started a birdhouse mini. I have only made the cover and the backside, but am hoping to finish it by the end of the weekend. This mini was very difficult for me, it took a lot of patience and I also made my own template using the scanner. I sprayed, sanded glued and did a lot of cutting. I really like the way it is coming along but not so sure I will ever attempt another birdhouse mini....I will use natural pics from gardens and pics from outside hense the birds leaves etc. Also, I now have a new grandson, he is just beautiful and I feel blessed....As always its been a pleasure talking to you. As soon as I get pics of my grandson I will post.....Have a great day :)


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  2. I agree your mini is awesome! I did laugh at your story of the visit to Butterfly Gardens! Kids you just never know - and always it's go with the flow..