Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scrapbooking Article: 52 Pages About You

I came across this great article on I have never done a scrapbook about me, maybe its time. Who will share my story or my life when I no longer can............Scrapbooking Article: 52 Pages About You

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Worm Scarf

Good evening. As promised here are a few picks of my "Here and There" cable scarf other wize known as worm scarf. It has proven to be a very simple project, but time consuming. It is however, giving my scatter brain a break away from my scrapbook, but yet has given me the time to come up with a few ideas and changes I want to make to the mini album I have on the go or shall I say the few mini's I have on the go. With any luck I will be finished my scarf project next week and its time to get back to doing what I do best....scrapbooking

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Knits and Things....

Hello everyone, its been a week since I last blogged or even had a glimpse at my blog. I have taken on a new project....knitting. I love to knit and is sometimes a nice break away from scrapbooking when you hit a cement wall, which I have for the last couple of weeks. My layouts are not turning out the way I imagined, I think I may be over thinking. Next to scrapbooking knitting is my other past time. I only make scarfs and wool blankets. I like the textures and am amazed at how a piece of yarn and sticks can weave such a beautiful mess. When I do knit, I use a lot of cables, cables are my ultimate favorite. I have been searching around the net to find a particular pattern of a scarf called "Here and There Cables", been searching for quite some time...Well, I finally found it! The scarf I am knitting up is full of beautiful cable inner weaving throughout the scarf, they sort of look like Its a simple pattern really, time consuming but well worth it. I am making it in a soft thin light blue wool, that can be worn in the warm winters of British Columbia. As soon as I get a few more rows done as to show the pattern I will post a pic, its alreally proven to be quite dashing. Thanks for stopping by and as always its been a pleasure talking to all of you.....